Orange Arrow Overtime

The mission of Orange Arrow Players Association is to coach student-athletes to aim for success off the field. 

The Orange Arrow Overtime program implements practical skills and values used to facilitate success in the lives of our student athletes. Our curriculum focuses on six key areas and provides exposure to the following: Leadership – Given proper guidance, every young person has the potential to become a great communicator and leader. Decorum – Often times our youth are unaware of the do’s and don’ts in terms of social responsibility, behavior, and manners. Arts and Culture – Exposure to various art and culture makes for well-rounded, tolerant, productive member of society. Entrepreneurship – Teaching our youth self-reliance and how to become producers and sellers is as critical as teaching them hard work. Peer Coaching – Giving and taking constructive criticism, steel sharpening steel… these ideals turn boys into men. Financial Management – The youth will learn about checking and savings accounts, credit scores, and all the basics to make them financially responsible.

“Best program I’ve ever joined so far, they are cool and the coaches are also cool and we do fun activities and learn a lot of new, important things.”
-Tyvon – 7th grade