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Unlock Your Potential with Orange Arrow’s Dynamic Sports-Themed Approach!

At Orange Arrow, we believe in harnessing the power of sports to equip individuals with the essential skills, positive mindsets, and robust social networks needed to thrive in the game of life. Our innovative programs empower participants to aim for success by honing their abilities, cultivating resilience, and forging meaningful connections. 

College student-athletes gain confidence as leaders and learn by coaching off-field performance. Grade school student-athletes engage directly with their mentors through a competition-based curriculum that focuses on: 

Skill Development

related to communication, collaboration,
and leadership

Healthy Dispositions

like kindness, social intelligence, and self-control

Social Connectivity

broadened comfort zones, and diverse, cross generational relationships 

The OA12 flagship program is housed in college athletic departments.

Deep community partnerships support year-round programming in-person or virtually.

OA 12

connects college student-athletes with local schools for twelve success skills sessions during the academic year.

OA Field Events

a series of enrichment experiences, events, and arts and culture trips spread throughout the school year. 

OA Performance Invitational

brings students together for a summer academy in conjunction with the local university.

Student-athletes and parents love OA.

9.4 / 10

Student-Athlete Overall Experience in OA

9.6 / 10

Parent Overall Experience
with OA

9.8 / 10

Student-Athlete Likelihood to Recommend OA

94% of students want more OA programming

More than 225 college student-athletes have been a part of the OA experience since 2016. Many continue to engage as alumni and say OA has had a lasting impact on their lives.

Empowering adult leaders marks OA’s evolution towards cultivating inclusive, winning teams.


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OA Coaches provides sports-themed coaching and consulting services focused on building culturally proficient teams, communities and organizations.

“When you do well on the field, people are looking for some leadership off the field.”

    -Franco Harris 

    OA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)

    OA is active in multiple great sports cities.

    OA offers various ways to support young athletes off the field.

    OA provides expertise from diverse professionals in youth development, higher education, nonprofit management, and sports industry.

    OA utilizes a sports-themed coaching approach for effective engagement and understanding.

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    In a culture that pushes sports and academics, other important facets of child development are often overlooked. OA  closes this gap while emphasizing essential values such as hard-work, determination, and leadership in a competitive team-oriented environment. I’m thankful OA has given my teammates and me a platform to make our community a better place.


    Former College-Student Athlete

    You all have a knack for making an uncomfortable topic easier to talk about. Thank you!!