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OA Coaches is the consulting arm of the Orange Arrow Players Association. OA Coaches provides sports-themed coaching and consulting services focused on building culturally proficient teams, communities and organizations through our array of DEAI + Culture engagement services, including our signature three-step approach of the Scouting Report (assessments), Huddled Up (education), and Game Plan (action planning). 

Our philosophy and approach is informed by the research of the Univeristy of Pittsburgh’s Center on Race & Social Problems’ structual cognitive behavorial training framework.


Scouting Report: Analytical Services 

A comprehensive assessment that analyzes the breadth, scope, impact, resources and needs of your company’s diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and culture. This assessment looks at the teams’ current DEAI and culture practices, policies, and programs and identifies areas for improvement. It also takes into account the organization’s culture, values, and goals and provides recommendations for how to align DEAI and culture efforts accordingly. 

Huddled Up: Educational Series

A learner-oriented education series that helps organizations and teams develop racial equity consciousness and foster inclusive cultures and teams. This education series will provide members of your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to understand and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of their colleagues, and to create a more inclusive environment that values and respects all members.


Game Plan: An Action Plan Playbook

A customized action plan playbook—informed through the assessment and educational services—that is developed in concert with the team to detail and drive organizational DEAI strategies, processes, and outcomes. This plan includes specific goals, action items, and timelines, and is designed to help the team stay on track and cultivate progress towards your DEAI and culture goals.

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