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DeJuan Groce is a former All-American Cornerback. He calls Garfield Heights, Ohio his hometown. His dad was in the Army, so he also lived in Germany as a child and did not know anything about football until the age of 7. At that time, DeJuan started playing football for fun, and people told him he was a great player. This inspired him to try out for a little league team when he was 13 years old, which was the start of his career in football.

When asked if it was his dream to one day make it big in the NFL, he stated, “originally, no.” He explained that when he was first learning the game of football, it was Desmond – his cousin – who had a dream to play in the NFL. However, his cousin’s dream turned into his own dream when he was in the 7th grade. As DeJuan started to get serious about football, his dad sat him down and asked him what were his goals. He had four:

  • get good grades in high school,
  • receive a football scholarship to a university,
  • earn a degree with computers, and
  • play in the NFL.

“I wrote down these four goals and put them on my wall to look at every day.” It worked. DeJuan has completed all of his goals – with a slight modification. Instead of earning a degree with computers, he earned it in Communications. Full Article