“My journey fuels the fire.” – Shawn Robinson, Founder of Orange Arrow


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Orange Arrow founder, Shawn Robinson, had a life-long dream to play in the National Football League (NFL), but that dream was unexpectedly cut short.  After being involved in a car accident, Shawn suffered minor injuries that ultimately impacted his ability to perform at his highest level.  Blindsided by the realization that his dream was no longer a possibility, he had to carve out another path in life and learn to be successful beyond the field.  His story is the inspiration behind Orange Arrow.      

“My journey fuels the fire.” 


My life decisions were driven by the dream of becoming a professional athlete. After high school, I received an athletic football scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. Hail to Pitt! As a sophomore, I ranked 7th in the nation in interceptions as a cornerback and could see myself as an NFL athlete, living my dream while providing for my family.  

However, before my junior year, I was driving on a one way street when a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction crashed into me. I suffered pinched nerves in my neck and back which impaired my playing ability. Consequently, I lost my starting position and though I made honest attempts at the Canadian Football League (CFL) and various arena leagues after college, my greatest dream was effectively shattered.

Initially, the devastation seemed insurmountable; for a period of time I couldn’t even watch football.  In time, I realized there were other ways to succeed in life and I was able to move forward.  I knew my experience could serve as an example of how to pick yourself up and use the same resolve on a different playing field.  I took a leap of faith to start Orange Arrow and make a difference for student athletes just like me.