Orange Arrow founder and former Pitt Cornerback Shawn Robinson joined The Paul Zeise Show to talk about Orange Arrow, what it’s about and what he’s doing to give back to the community. Listen HERE!

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “It’s hands on. I’ve seen them in there with ties around their neck trying to tie a tie,” said Nicholson. “It’s something they look forward to.”

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A local nonprofit is making us proud to be from Pittsburgh. Watch below!

WPXI’s Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Orange Arrow

The Pittsburgh Promise featured Shawn Robinson with “Success Off The Field” in the Spring issue of Ideapod. Click HERE!

“Slinging Arrows” with Former Pitt and HOF DE Chris Doleman and former Penn State QB Wally Richardson.

We are just 10 days away from the return of Pitt/ Penn State and we have two former greats from both schools to talk about. They are part of our ‘Slinging Arrows” segment to promote “Ball for Orange Arrow” a fundraiser for Orange Arrow. Listen Slinging Arrows Richardson Doleman

The Pitt News has highlighted James Conner for his community service work with the Boys & Girls Club in Shadyside with the Orange Arrow team. Read HERE!

Led by five Pitt football players, the students from the non-profit Orange Arrow organization were instructed Read HERE!

With the opportunity for playing time and the short distance from his home town of Warren, OH, he committed to Pitt. He improved exponentially and quickly became one of the top cornerbacks in the Big East conference. Robinson, like most elite athletes, had high hopes Read HERE!