And we’re going into overtime…

The Orange Arrow Overtime program coaches young-student athletes to aim for success outside of the playing arena by teaching practical skills and values through innovative, sports-themed activities. The Overtime program works with 10-13 year old male student-athletes, capturing their attention in unique ways and teaching cultural survival skills, enabling them to become productive, successful, responsible contributors to society.

Our curriculum focuses on seven key areas and provides exposure to the following: 

LeadershipWe believe all effective leaders are good communicators, so we work on public speaking and impromptu communication and then leadership amongst peers and the community.

Decorum – Purposeful instruction of the “do’s and don’ts” of social responsibility, behavior, and manners instills cultural literacy.

Peer Coaching – We teach student athletes to give and receive constructive criticism from their peers and Overtime coaches. 

Arts and Culture – Exposure to various art and culture makes for well-rounded, tolerant, productive members of society.

Entrepreneurship – Teaching our youth self-reliance and how to become producers and sellers is as critical as teaching them hard work.

Financial Management – The youth will learn about checking and savings accounts, credit scores, and all the basics to make them financially responsible.

Career Shadowing – Career exploration, in or out of sports, that offers an opportunity for the student-athletes to spend time with a professional currently working in their field of interest and to get their questions answered.